Disaster Prep: Water Filter Water Purification

Despite many using the two, Water Purification and Water Filter, interchangeably there is a difference. In short, water filters can remove waterborne protozoa and bacteria. Water purification removes biological contaminants, viruses, chemicals and other materials. I think it is great to have both, especially during a disaster where water systems may be contaminated. I personally … More Disaster Prep: Water Filter Water Purification

Disaster Prep: Subscribe

This week’s tip is to join/subscribe to at least 3 groups, channels or blogs that focus on disaster preparedness. You may learn a thing or two, but if nothing else it will keep it on your mind. hmm here’s two youtube channels I like to get you started. Survival Know How City Prepping

Hand Talker

It’s very interesting how things line up. I was sent this picture of me the other morning. When I saw it I instantly thought how much I naturally talk with my hands (body really) when I am comfortable. Then I went down memory lane with how I used to want to learn sign language.  <insert … More Hand Talker

Abundance & Love

Abundance and Love that is where I have been trying to put my focus. In a very general sense, now that I think about it, I wasn’t asking for anything specific in either arena. And honestly, I have been battling an internal ADHD with all the thoughts running through my head and the list of things … More Abundance & Love