Duct Tape

I think everyone has heard of, and probably used, duct tape. In case you haven’t it’s a STRONG waterproof adhesive. If you scour the Internet you will find 1000 uses. I’ll list a few that appeal to me that will hopefully convince you to keep some around. Oh, not all ducts are made equally, don’t … More Duct Tape

The Bandana

The bandana is a must have in any emergency. I highly suggest you buy or make a few. Here are a few reasons to keep handy: 🎒signal 🎒headband 🎒tie a ponytail 🎒hanky 🎒dish cloth 🎒wash cloth 🎒reusable napkin 🎒carry food 🎒tourniquet 🎒rag 🎒scarf 🎒sling 🎒bandage 🎒cover mouth/nose/eye 🎒fill with ice as a compress 🎒water filter … More The Bandana

Decision Day

As i was standing in that space where water pours down on you and makes you reflect. My mind… hmm it looks like I’m not going to achieve that goal for this year. Should i force it? Or go with the flow? What are the pros and cons? Then it went to chickens. I need … More Decision Day