Decision Day

As i was standing in that space where water pours down on you and makes you reflect. My mind… hmm it looks like I’m not going to achieve that goal for this year. Should i force it? Or go with the flow? What are the pros and cons? Then it went to chickens. I need … More Decision Day

Disaster Prep: Water Filter Water Purification

Despite many using the two, Water Purification and Water Filter, interchangeably there is a difference. In short, water filters can remove waterborne protozoa and bacteria. Water purification removes biological contaminants, viruses, chemicals and other materials. I think it is great to have both, especially during a disaster where water systems may be contaminated. I personally … More Disaster Prep: Water Filter Water Purification

Disaster Prep: Subscribe

This week’s tip is to join/subscribe to at least 3 groups, channels or blogs that focus on disaster preparedness. You may learn a thing or two, but if nothing else it will keep it on your mind. hmm here’s two youtube channels I like to get you started. Survival Know How City Prepping