Beautiful Day

I had a wonderful day, Praise Be to ALLAH (PbtA)! After one o’clock the weather was superb. I had already planned to clean out the shed; rain, snow, or shine. The whole family worked on the shed so it went by rather quickly.

Excuse the no before picture but here’s and after. 

I think I’m going to build a shelving unit in the back. 

We finished so quickly we walked the perimeter picking up trash and twine while discussing our fencing needs. 

The twine….. Annoying. Some of it is really buried so it requires a good amount of tugging. By the time I got to the front of the property my hands were like enough of that try again tomorrow. But because of it I got to examine the soil in certain areas…. Good Stuff! My lovely daughter took a picture of me without me asking 🙂 It really is hard to stop working, find phone and take pictures. I am grateful she did. This is just a portion of the stuff we cleared today.

Oh and I got the stalls cleared. Horrible picture but they are clean.

In my Ice Cube voice, “Today was a good day.” 


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Day

  1. stalls for animals? Wow what a blessing….. Alpaca? Sheep? Horses? Cows? Goats? Oh please keep us posted on your progress!


    1. Inshallah yes cows, possibly sheep. And toying with renting space out for horse or two. Still very much in the pace myself and observation mode. Truth be told we literally just moved in. Yesterday. Hasn’t even been 24 hours yet.


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