I wanted to repaint a few walls for various reasons. 🎨

I began washing walls in my “spare” time. I realized quickly that this will take “forever.” But I was still willing to do it. Nonetheless a few things transpired and we realized we needed to get this party jumping so we decided to hire painters. Oh and did I mention at this point EVERY room, minus mud room “needed” to be repainted. I was happy for the help but being that I thought I had more time to pick colors and such I was totally not ready for the color questions. It was like a whirl wind for a minute. Umm slow down. About 5 hours ago this was a diy that was easily supposed to give me another week to decide. Moving on…
I liked the previous colors for the most part. They were bold and dark. I like natural light and this house doesn’t give as much of that as I would like so the next best thing is to paint the walls lighter colors to brighten the space up. So I stressfully picked some colors and now I’m just waiting…..
*oh they said they could paint everything in 5 days vs my we shall see. 🎨
*oh and it was a hard decision to cover up their bold statements because bold colors are attractive in themselves. Whereas with light colors you really do have to do a fantastic job decorating to make it pop. And not just be BLAH. Anyway, the paint jobs weren’t all that great either which was a help in getting me to paint over them. The painters fixed  a few things already (that I wouldn’t have) on the walls which even if I hate the colors (I chose 😁) will make the walls themselves look better.

2 thoughts on “Paint

  1. Can you post some pictures? Maybe, I can suggest some ways to make what you have work or maybe other color options. My other hobby is interior decorating 🙂


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