Fried Food

This is just my hypothesis and I think it should make you seriously rethink your fried food intake and at the very least frying it at your house.

I set out to wipe all the cabinets and line them. No biggie right? WRONG! I should have known life wouldn’t be that easy. This is what I found

I didn’t panic or anything but I was tired and I realized this would now take longer than planned. Yes, it’s the top of the cabinets but I just have a hard time moving my stuff, myself, into a nasty space. 

So one side was easy. It was really just an accumulation of dust. The other side however was sticky. So as I was cleaning my mind kept wondering how could this happen.

Then it hit me. I think this is from fried food. I somehow have a recollection of the walls around a stove being sticky and someone telling me it was from the person frying foods. (Fyi: I don’t fry food in my hous even. The smell alone is enough to deter me.)

Anyway, it makes sense to me. The cabinets over the stove were sticky icky. Then I turned to google to confirm and YEP. 

Take away:

1. Don’t eat friend foods

2. Don’t cook fried foods in your house

3. I pray when I get older and not able to do for myself my children will love me enough not to let my house get nasty. That just might kill me. 


One thought on “Fried Food

  1. This is deep… So I was raised not to fry food but have started like in the recent 3 yrs. But I am so done with it in my house now. Yuck!!


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