No Closet

My son needed a closet, so I decided to convert and armoire into a closet. It’s pretty big. It is a nice piece but it doesn’t say little boy. We decided on blue. It looks bland so I know I am not done. But it’s done for now. 

Feel free to offer suggestions as to how I can spruce it up. As of now I think I am going to go with writing a verse from Holy Quran on the side. But I need something to break up the front. Thinking some type of stencil. Guess I need to look at stencils.




2 thoughts on “No Closet

  1. I think it looks great, maybe do a faux finish with a sponge over the blue with another color. Maybe stencil the mirror with spray on frost. Lastly, change the hardware to something that sis his style.


  2. I don’t think the hardware thing will work but I will look at it again. We have a knob left from his dresser we did awhile back so that would be a good tie in and free. He and I spoke of stencils or border on front to break up the space. And hubby suggested a height thing on side so we can chart his growth. I think I will do both but we shall see. So many projects and right now so many boxes


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