“Cooking, composting, canning, storing, fermenting, etc is all part of the same system.” Nicholas In my PDC (permaculture design course) 

I like this concept and it is extremely true. When I’m not gardening I’m not as enthused to do much of thee above.

Anyway, God willing, this blog will help me to chart experiments and learning in all of the above plus some. 

Still not settled but I have some concocting to do. Since it’s all connected I will share in this space and hopefully it will inspire you to do some concocting of your own. 

If I had to flow off the dome I would say gardening for me is growing food, raising animals, concoctions, making personal hygiene products, canning, wood working (and other materials), cooking (yes! I’m not much into cooking although I do it regularly,but I enjoy it most when I get the ingredients from my yard.), dehydrating, and community building.

What does gardening include to you?



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