Junk Food

i had thoughts of what this blog would entail but yea… Things are changing. So as we had our version of junk food I couldn’t help to be inspired because it could be one of those meals we produce most of.

Check this out:

Lamb burgers (I could see myself raising one, or just substitute a different animal like chicken or turkey)

The bread (it was homemade. As of now that’s the best I am doing. I don’t see myself growing wheat, threshing, etc. Had to do it once at a gardening program. That was not fun. Maybe if we were permitted to use modern technology… .)

Ideally I could have made all the condiments. And grown a good portion of them. 

Garlic mashed Potatoes… Enough said.

Salad… Enough said.




3 thoughts on “Junk Food

      1. Hey no pressure. You can send me a link. I know sometimes copying a recipe is a pain in the @$$! Anyway, they look delicious. I despise the shop bought puffy white things.


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