Elementary, My Dear Watson


 We had the pleasure of going to the Sherlock Holmes exhibit. We thoroughly enjoyed it. We were unable to crack the case but it was super fun trying. I really appreciated the detail that went into it all. I also liked that despite being a good amount of reading, it was done so superbly that it never felt like a lot. We are readers so we could be mistaken. However, it wasn’t that typical museum fanfare where I have to encourage them to read the signs. (As I watched mothers with their little ones I was oh so happy that we are no longer in that phase. Been there and happily done that.)

 It was byfar the best experience we have had at the Perot Museum. The museum itself seems ok, BUT it is always super crowded so hard to really enjoy. This is our second year having a membership and I doubt we renew next year. The first year was great because we did a good amount of traveling so we were able to get into other museums free. This year was a bust up until this exhibit. Glad we were able to partake, otherwise the cost….😁. 

Before we left I asked my crew to take a picture per a friend’s request. They don’t like me taking their pictures these days. It provided a great chuckle, “is she the boss of you?” 



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