Three Weeks In…

Fighting sleep. Itching to move faster on the homefront while battling this whole patience thing. After all, gardening is patience. Right?!?!

Sent the children to pick up litter. They were not happy about it, but I really was pleased as they found joy in picking these flowers and putting them in this jar for us to enjoy. They found joy in doing this unwanted task, praise God. 

Anyway, the chicks are getting big. Inshallah (God willing) I will build an outdoor housing situation for them this weekend. Also plan on taking some measurements for areas I want to reserve for pasture and orchard (food forest). There was one other but can’t recall. Point is I hope to have a productive weekend in the yard while I remind myself it’s only been three weeks. 

Here’s a picture of a chick. It cracks me up that The Boy’s hens are always the most adventurous of the bunch. This is our fourth rendezvous with groups of chicks. I promise it seems they take on the characteristics of their primary caretaker. Hmm  



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