“It Feels Good To Be Home”

That’s My Rap Turrets Talking! 

I walked in the house saying it as I was feeling super happy looking at the chickens outside (where they belong). Oh and the eldest was tickled by me saying it because YEP! She recognized the lyrics. So that’s what I decided to title this monthly update I intend to do. Sounds a lil better than monthly update, don’t Ya think?

Why the need for a monthly public update that won’t have ALL the business but just a glimpse. Well, to be honest with myself blogging is the best journaling/documenting I do. 

1. OVEN IS FINALLY FIXED! Yaay. Actually happened a little after a month but nonetheless it’s fixed. looking forward to making bread and enchiladas. 

2. I planted my first thing in the ground here. Can you guess?………. COMFREY. Funny as I think about it. Comfrey is the bomb plant so no wonder. I didn’t plan it that way but it makes a lot of sense. Maybe I will do a future post on why I want comfrey.

3. The chickens are outside in their new home. I see where I would make improvements or just do things differently but overall I am pleased. Mainly culled lumber used so that’s always interesting in itself. But I think every coop I make will be this way for the most part. One thing I noticed this go round while viewing other folks set ups us that hobby chicken folks stuff look like the Taj Mahal whereas farmers or “serious” chicken folks stuff look a mess. Functional but a hot mess. I wouldn’t mind being some where in between. 

I tried something new this go round.  Actually a few things but main thing is I used chicken wire. In the past I used hardware on coop. Chicken wire on run. No issues. So this time I decided to try chicken wire. The chickens decided not to sleep under the plywood part but be exposed to the elements. Consequently I was concerned. Next morning I was at Home Depot buying hardware. I don’t plan to remove the chicken wire; will just put hardware over that. 

This is long. Feel like I’m rambling. Yea. Let’s stick with top 3. 



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