Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego

From the Bible stories I know, this is my favorite one. Why?

They stood firm for what they believed in. They had faith that God would save them. However, my favorite verse was when they responded:

(Paraphrasing) With all due respect, even if God doesn’t save us we are still not worshiping your gods or bowing down to this gold idol you have erected. Do what you gotta do, but we are not selling out. 

 Now that right there is the spirit I want to have in times of trial. And hey, we may think that will be our attitude but you never really know until you are tried. 

Another point is that Nebuchadnezzar became a witness bearer to their God, their faith and promoted them. You know how many folks sell their souls to get promoted in this world? And end up empty handed in this world and in God’s eyes. We all know that being pleasing to God should come first and we should do it not seeking rewards. Point is, stand firm and follow God with or without rewards even though God says they will come. 

I also like that they were United in their firm belief. A lot of time we read about one person’s greatness and yes, that one person can sometimes represent more than the one but I like this show of unity. 

Another point is that Nebuchadnezzar’s men (those in his favor) couldn’t even stand the pressure put on these three men. *we all know the fire is a metaphor right?* so it was intense. He went all out to try to destroy them. 

Which leads to my final point…. God sent a person, not a space, spook, or spirit, to save His people. 

Here’s the link if you are not familiar with the story. It’s short and sweet.

Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego


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