I’m Ready!

What do I envision this blog to be?

As of now, I see this blog containing three pages to inspire you to reach your full potential as I strive to live up to mine:

1. The general blog that will cover a range of topics like gardening, my journey, homeschooling, concocting, DIY projects, animal husbandry, composting, etc.

2. A Black Businesses Matters page that highlights black business owners making it happen; displaying that Be, And It Is spirit. I plan to highlight a new business every month (preferably 2/month, but I promise at least one). I plan to start in the Dallas area and go from there. If you know of any great black owned businesses please let me know. The process is for me to interview the business and I will publish the interview. I have already started. I have met passionate, motivated and purpose-filled people. I leave the interviews inspired. I pray I can transfer that to you. I would love to have guest contributors so if you have a business you want highlighted please feel free to submit a submission.

3. A page specifically for Why Did God Create… . This page will not be an end-all-be-all one stop shop but more so to help me chronicle what I learn about various plants and/or why I am choosing to plant a particular plant. I want to get better at plant identification and uses and attempt to grow a much broader variety of plants than I have in the past.

I’m excited about this next phase of my journey and hope you all are too. If you want to get automatic updates click the subscribe or follow button.

Until next time,



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