It Feels Good To Be Home: Two Months In

I pretty much lost two weeks of work due to a death in the family, BUT we have still made some progress:

1. We got a big donation of “rabbit berries.” It has A LOT of browns mixed in so will be using it to cover compost for now and/or a layer once we start making the raised beds.

2. We had to pay a hood tax which has delayed the building of the worm bin. Inshallah (God willing), this will be completed in the upcoming month.

3. Seeds. We planted a lot. Partially because I hoped to have beds created by the time they are to be planted and also as an experiment. I had tulsi seeds that were about 4 years old. I just knew there would be a low germination rate. I was SUPER wrong.

 I also started a good amount of herbs in hopes that I put together an herb spiral soon.

Planted tomatoes too. Old seeds and yumm this Dallas weather is crazy so I figure I will plant whatever whenever and just sees what comes of it. Financially there hasn’t been an investment, minus water and time. One thing I can say my private college education did for me was give me a measuring tool for all this self learning I do. I think about how much I paid, not even actual tuition, and how much I may be spending on these experiments and then proceed because the stuff I am trying to learn is much more valuable.

IMG_5074 IMG_5075 IMG_5076

4. Oh I almost forgot, mixing our own chicken feed. It doesn’t have everything i want in it just yet… almost. I plan to talk more about this in a separate post. I actually need to do a chicken update in general because I may be changing their housing as well.

5. Mint. The mint plants are doing well so I have been harvested I guess about every other day and adding to a tea type concoction I drink.IMG_5077

6. How did I almost forget? I got help and practice building and using an A-frame to find contour lines. I had a super duper good time and was all happy and satisfied. I was bubbling over (on the inside). Looking forward to finding contour lines here.



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