Not Forcing…

So if you actually know me, or follow my blog(s), you know that I can be a little umm umm umm… I like to see progress. Tangible progress.

Well It’s Ramadan. (Ramadan Mubarack Y’all πŸ˜ƒβœŒοΈ) That means a lot, but let’s focus on the physical. You know, the work in yard in Texas heat part. AlThough I want to force it I realize that this is not the year for that. If my mind was “right” and the materials were available I would probably force the issue and just do all the outdoor projects that need (ok want) to get done like NOW. 

Instead, I’ve decided to turn inward to focus on personal development as well as house stuff. Oh and learning to take my time more and not rush around so much. So what if you don’t get 50 things done today. (Ok I have not mastered this, but I’m trying). 

Anyway, the point. I’m trying to focus on other tasks without beating myself up about not being as productive as something in me wants me to be in the yard. 

Alright, let me get back to preparing lessons for the upcoming school year. 😊


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