The Coop

Whew! The coop. I am clear that I am not a master builder. Nonetheless, here is the coop. It will work. I plan to paint it. I also would like to make a chicken tractor or two to let the girls explore a little more. However, based on our lives we need a permanent structure as the main house. I can’t locate the picture of the initial coop/tractor but those that follow you can see that I attempted to convert it to the structure below. It was a learning experience and I am finally over wishing I had just started from scratch. It’s only money, right? NOT! it must be used wisely.

Perches to relax
Egg Door
nesting boxes. The row of crates at the top are simply to keep them from perching on top and soiling the nests.
cleaning door
excuse the bricks. I need to remove them. I had them securing the billboard tarp and just haven’t removed them.
feeder and waterer. Both of those hooks are for waterers, but i have to make another and get a hook for the food. It will be hung slightly lower. I also usually feed them soaked/fermented feed which does not get hung.
the roosts



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