There was that time…

There was that time I wore my hair straight for a few days. 

One morning, during that time, while I was in the bathroom taking out the Bantu knots my daughter put in my hair the night before this blog post came to my mind. I was reflecting how I am not good at managing straight hair. How it takes a lot of time, but then my mind shifted to the beauty in the experience. 

I have totally enjoyed falling asleep on my daughter’s lap as she combs my hair. The night she straightened it….knocked out. The night she oiled and put it in a few braids…knocked out. The night she put it in Bantu knots… Knocked out. I’m not sure when I will straighten it again but nights like the above make it a memorable, joyous experience.


After a long day out I was about to get my toil on in the yard. And YEP she tamed it for me that night too.



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