Math: Sage Carrington

It’s been a minute. Truth be told I’m kinda forcing this post. A lot on my mind and a lot going on. The outside area is coming along S-L-O-W-L-Y due to various reasons, but coming along it is. A glimpse of the drama is the stray dogs that raided the chicken coop.

One thing that is fairly consistent is our schooling this year. Everyone is doing well, praise God.

Anyway, I saw this book Sage Carrington: Math Mystery in Mexico City and got over excited. Hey, it’s a fun way to do math, we’ve been to Mexico City and it has a Black main character. SCORE! I was a little concerned that she is a girl, because my son already has two sisters so you know how that goes. About two years ago we went through the Max Axiom series. He totally enjoyed that. I’m considering revisiting. Nonetheless, we hope to start this book next week. Hopefully it won’t disappoint.

Here are a few random pictures of him and Mexico City. I am really hoping this book will help jog his memory so that he can relive the trip and see math in action.

IMG_2840 IMG_2848 IMG_2851 IMG_2858 IMG_2873 IMG_2927 IMG_2928 IMG_2975


5 thoughts on “Math: Sage Carrington

    1. Ok. I’m still doing the pre-reading. It’s ok. Kinda slow and picks up in spots. I put it down and have read two gardening books instead. Lol it’s the libraries fault. Got the notification “your books you ordered are ready for pick up.” Just finished yesterday so hopefully will pick Sage back up.


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