As we are now selling our surplus of eggs one of the common questions is…. “Why no soy?”

Let’s make this short and sweet. I Do Not eat soy and No I am not allergic. I should say I try not to eat soy. It is in most everything.

Soy is hard to digest. Yes, I know. Some folks ferment it to make it “suitable” for human consumption. Some studies show… I hate that phrase because studies nowadays show whatever you want to prove. So I will skip that point and move on to the fact that most Soy produced is GMO. And I personally try to steer clear of GMOs.

What does this have to do with chickens? Well when soy is fed to chickens it can be found in the egg yolk and in the tissue of the chickens. So since I try to steer clear of soy and GMOs I don’t feed it to my chickens. Simple enough.

That’s all.IMG_0279

(Not really. Here are a few honorable mentions)

1. Even if you are a consumer of soy I think soy-free eggs and chicken (cows, goats, lamb, etc) is better because you are getting soy from so many other products you eat.  Remember that saying about moderation?

2. Yes it costs more to raise soy-free animals. (That really said EMPHATICALLY YES)

3. A broader base of folks can eat what I produce, even those with soy allergies. Most folks with soy allergies can’t (not by choice*) eat eggs, dairy and flesh foods due to the mass amounts of soy fed to these animals. It feels great not to have to worry about someone having a flare up because of your product. Not to mention most folks don’t even realize they have an allergy. (That’s a whole other post).

*I said by choice because there are many people, including myself, that limit their diets by choice. I know it’s a privilege. Sometimes I just thank God that my family doesn’t suffer from all these food allergies because when stuff hits the fan…. I seriously pray for folks that must be on very restricted diets.

4. The homestead is in its early stages so the chickens are still not on the diet I have in my head but it is much better than what we would get from the store or most others that use a cheap soy-based product.




2 thoughts on “No-Soy

  1. I would also stay away from soy products. Not only is it GMO based but also a monocrop meaning that it doesn’t support sustainable farming. Moreover it is also estrogen dominant – not advisable for men to eat.

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