Do You Wash Your Eggs?

For personal use, NO! For others, YES!  


I truly believe God knew what He was doing. There is a natural coating around an egg called the bloom. It protects the insides of the egg so that stuff does not get inside the porous shell. And when you wash the egg you take off this layer of protection and its freshness. Egg shells are porous so once the bloom is removed it soaks up what is around it and deteriorates faster.

Commercial eggs are bathed in a chlorine solution. Yes, that chlorine impacts the actual egg itself. I do a dry clean or vinegar to wash eggs. A lot less toxic than what you are getting from the store.

Hope this helps,


* I do wash eggs for personal use right before use.


5 thoughts on “Do You Wash Your Eggs?

  1. I wash my eggs before I use them, not before. I keep the boxes, bed and coop clean enough that there is rarely dirt or poop on the eggs. Only occasionally is there an egg where straw has gotten stuck to the egg as it dried. That’s what I wash off most times. I sell eggs to my inlaws and I always tell them that the eggs are not washed.

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      1. Thanks. Good read. I meant to mention a few points you pointed out in keeping nesting boxes clean and that the rest of the world doesn’t wash like US or refrigerator. Thanks for chiming in. Much appreciated.


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