“Did You Improve On The Design”

“Did you improve on the design did you do something new?” Lupe Fiasco

I couldn’t stop thinking of those lyrics as I was making the new and improved chicken tractor, especially as I was attaching the wheels. By the time I got to the third wheel I figured out a better way to attach them. yay!

The tractor:

  1. I designed it.     looked at a bunch of others and I didn’t see something that was light weight extremely portable where I could move it myself if need be without much energy exerted and that was easy to build. I contemplated the joel salatin one but it didn’t move me. Not that I won’t ever do it, but not right now. And let’s face it, I could not afford another failed attempt. (Ok, not a total failure as I am still using the first one. The chickens are literally in it now, but it will not last long. And it takes two to move it and it still isn’t smooth. wonky) 
    future home of the herb spiral. (first attempt at tractor)

So it hit me to use materials that if it didn’t work out I could easily use around here…. Cattle Panel. so took 6 pieces and lined them with chicken wire, hooked them together, and added wheels. viola. I did add a door which made me think I needed more cattle panel because I ended up using a lighter wire for the door but it works for now. And I think i may add a back door. We shall see. I do not have a steering wheel so turning this thing around is not too fun, doable, but not fun. It will just make it a little easier.

Its not a fortress but they are also not for overnight use. Just a space for them during the day. For now, I am counting this as a success.

I need to add a few things to it and cut those zip ties but it works.


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