Grossed Out

One of the most common STATEMENTS, not questions, is that YOU CAN’T GET EGGS WITHOUT A ROOSTER.

I always try to be patient and understanding despite how the statement is made and who it is coming from. You know the person claiming to have had chickens for 20 years and KNOWS you can’t get no (yes no) eggs without a rooster. Or the person that has NEVER raised a chicken and sometimes never even seen a chicken up close and personal. Anyway, in my non-irritated voice I usually start off with the simple yes you can.  It just means the eggs will not be fertilized. However, if Person continues to debate I just go straight to the human analogy. An egg is just like a woman’s period, period. She is going to have one regardless of if there is a man present or not. They usually get it and walk away disgusted by the analogy, but it’s true. Then I say nicely, want to try one? Or buy a dozen?


Educate, inform, your choice, you know (remember?)


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