Not Trying To Convince You

For the record, I am not trying to convince you to start eating eggs or to not eat eggs.  I am not here to critique and criticize your diet. Most diets, including vegan and vegetarian, are extremely flawed in my view as well. This whole whose diet is better really annoys me because it reeks of “first world” problems. Most Americans are walking around suffering from malnutrition and are diseased. Nonetheless, the service/product I offer is for those that already consume. If you consume you might as well consume the best. Those that are interested in doing that… That is my target audience.

And of course to share what little information I know. Including various theories that I have read about so that you can make your own decision(s). The choice is yours. No compulsion!

you there is even a debate on whether you should eat carrots or not?

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