T-Post Puller

I’m so giddy I don’t know how to begin. I’m happy about this new tool I got. It’s such a simple design but man oh man does it make life easier. 

I am a big fan of the t-posts. T-post are my go to for any fencing needs. Getting them out isn’t too fun. Well it wasn’t 😋 until I got my T-Post Puller. I’m bubbling over with excitement about it. Anyone that builds things knows how much having the RIGHT tools makes things go so much more smoothly. Not to mention if you ever had to remove a t-post without one of these joints.

Anyway, my daughter snapped a few pix of me as I was all smiles and rambly and excited to show her this thing inaction. She was smiling and shaking her head but whatever.  This is among the best $40 I have ever spent and knowing how I use t-posts…. It will get a lot of use. 

Oh and look, I have gloves on. That is the benefit of having my middle child in the yard with me. She always wants to wear gloves so consequently I put some on too. 


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