Veggie of the Month

This month I am feeling kiwis. I know I know I know… It is not kiwi season. Which shows that I have a ways to go in my quest to eat fresh, local and in season. I would love to grow kiwis, but I need to research more. I think that a plant has to be 7 years old before it even bares fruit. Can it even grow here (Dallas, Tx)? It is on my wish list, but it is low on the list as of now.

  Anyway, I can’t say I eat kiwi for health reasons, except that it is a lot healthier than other stuff I could eat. But I looked it up and here are the 4 reasons I would claim if I just had to:

  1. High in Vit. C
  2. Good source of fiber. We all like to stay regular, right?
  3. Generally not sprayed with a bunch of pesticides. “Organic” is still best but if you have to buy conventional it is one of the least sprayed fruits.
  4. It is ranked as one of the most alkaline foods you can eat.

No recipe. Just cut open and enjoy. I have seen folks eat the skin but i have yet to try that and don’t plan on it.



2 thoughts on “Veggie of the Month

  1. I always used to eat the skin when younger. It was ok, probably packed with goodness as many skins are. I wouldn’t dare now unless it was organic, even then I’d be wondering how good an idea it was.


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