It’s Just A Penny

  Have you heard of the Penny Challenge? My children are doing it. It’s so simple that it is doable even for folks (our children) without a steady income yet. It escalates, but basically they save a few pennies a day. I have encouraged them to do what they can each day and just cross off as they go. Do “big” deposits when they are able and save the small ones for when they are scrounging. Oh and they can’t take money out. Once it’s in it’s in. They seem excited. I’m not going to dictate how they spend…cough cough invest… the money at the end of the year. $668 if they do the bare minimum. Anyway, here is a link if you want to make jars for your children like I did. Since I told them to do sporadic i figured it would be best to have a chart so they can cross of the deposits as they go.

Penny Challenge Chart

If you don’t like this there are other handy charts so you can pick one that vibes with you all.

“You can’t have a dollar without a penny.”

*I highly encourage everyone to do the penny challenge. I’m not sure if you have heard but a study has been released that the average family do not have the funds to cover a $400 emergency.


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