Nasir’s Business

“Telling a child that the best they can do economically is to “get a job,” is like telling a hungry man that the only way to get food is to go to a restaurant. If you trap him in this way of thinking, he’ll never know how to grow food or cook it. Even worse, he’ll always eat whatever sh*t somebody else decides to put on his plate because he’ll believe he has no choice.” Boyce Watkins

My son likes meat. My son needs an income (and likes money). My son has access to land. So in teaching him to feed himself, create his own job, help others and utilize the resources at his disposal he just had his first batch of meat birds.

The short story is that it went well. Our family has produced our own poultry. It was raised humanely, quality feed, no antibiotics, locally and all the other nice buzzwords that come with this product while benefiting others from our endeavor.

Trying to be brief in a few areas that really can have their own essays:

  1. Did he/we make a lot of money. NOPE! We had to invest in the systems but it is well worth it. Plus with the cost of feed and all the labor that goes into it, it really isn’t a big money maker. I will say more suitable for a child than for me. He went out of town for 2 weeks which left me caring for them solo. I don’t mind working for free for my family but the more I thought about it, I could not help but think how this is so not worth the money (unless we raise the price) which we very well may do. It really is just the reality of it. I would rather do that than produce a bird I would not feel comfortable feeding my son. And I want to teach him to value his time and his product. We shall see.
  2. We plan to experiment and tweak a few variables.
  3. It feels so good to have our own meat. To truly know the various stages and feeds the birds consumed. I pray we never go back to store bought. Which brings me to,hopefully, last time buying meat from the store. Went to whole foods… (1) it wasn’t cheap. Same price as what we sell ours for but really not comparable. (2) it isn’t fresh. it was from pennyslvania. you do the math. you have to harvest, process, freeze, get it to this location, thaw out. yeah. (3)oh and it said it came from an enriched environment. What does that mean?

Like I said, I hope we can keep producing our own if we are to consume, while helping a few others consume a better product as well.

This is longer than I like.

Until the next time… .

Oh and here are a few links if you want to get the opinions of others.

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