Gardening Winter Gear Recommendations

  Alright y’all, its cold. And I MUST be better prepared next year so if you have any recommendations I would greatly appreciate them. I would prefer recommendations from folks that actually own the product. No speculation. An example of what I am looking for is if you own a North Face vest that you spend an hour or so outside toiling in the garden in and love it, let me know. At the very least let me know your favorite brands.

I want warmth without the bulk.

These are the pieces  i am in need of:

  • vest
  • long sleeve shirts
  • think i am going to have my daughter crochet me a head (ear) band
  • cargo pants
  • coat
  • boots or booties lined (right now i am wearing some I got from Costco for $15 and they are great but (1) I don’t think they will last another year (2) would prefer a more structurally sound boot.

I think that is it. Thanks for your help.

A Cali Girl that relocated to a colder environment trying to stay warm


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