Black History Month 2016

Greetings and Peace,

I hope this finds you well. This is that time of year when the masses celebrate black history. It crossed my mind to actually participate this year. What I plan to do is highlight a black person, or group, that is farming/gardening/homesteading in any way. It can be a well known person or a backyard gardener. I applaud all those that are making the effort to grow food. My only criteria is that they have a blog, fb page, and/or website so that I can link you directly to the person so that they may inspire you to begin to do for self.

If you know of anyone that fits the bill let me know.

SO… first up is Ron Finley. He is based in Los Angeles, Ca. I do not know him personally. I actually haven’t even met him yet. I chose him first because he captured my attention when I heard him say, “Plant some shit.” That resonated with me because I see folks, myself included at times, make this thing so complicated when really “Just plant some…” What helps me to overcome the paralysis of analysis is that I truly believe that God did not make it this difficult for us to eat.

Anyway, Ron Finley has a TED TALK, FB Page, Website, and probably something on all the the social media platforms. This man is not hard to find. Check him out so that he can tell you his story as I am sure he can do a better job than me.

I will leave you with my top 3 Ron Finley quotes:

  1. Growing your own food is like printing your own money
  2. If you want to meet with me, come to the garden with your shovel so we can plant some shit.
  3. (paraphrasing) South Central Los Angeles, home of the drive-thru and the drive-by, and it’s the drive-thru that’s killing more people.




7 thoughts on “Black History Month 2016

  1. Pashon Murray of Detroit Dirt has a composting company that sells soil to farmers and Will Allen of Growing Power is an urban farmer inn Wisconsin!

    Then there was also Booker T Washington’s School On Wheels where he went out and taught rural farmers how to farm. I posted some info my blog:
    Great post!

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