Jason Brown

Thanks Stacie for reminding about this brother. I posted his story on my fb page and completely forgot that I wanted to learn more. So here is a glimpse of more…

Jason Brown used to be in the NFL. He was released from one team and instead of trying to stay in that industry he opted to leave it altogether and become a farmer. Yep a farmer.  He felt that there was something more. That God was calling him to be of better service, so with the support of his wife he did just that. He left his mansion and traded it in for a 100 year old farmhouse on 1000 acres with no farm experience whatsoever.

You can check out his website, First Fruits Farm, or  Fb page.

There are videos on both sites that highlight his story. I also found that if you want to partner up with them to start a First Fruits Garden in your community if you contact them they will provide the seeds (sweet corn, summer squash, cucumber, watermelon, and tomato). “With faith and hard work, God will bless you with a harvest so great that you will not be able to receive. There will be more than enough food for your family and for distribution in your community.”

Oh, the farm is located in Louisburg, North Carolina in case you were looking to volunteer at his actual site. Based on my reading if you want to partner with them you do not have to be in North Carolina.

Top 4 things that inspire me:

  1. Even thought it doesn’t make sense to most he is now, by his standards, living a life of purpose.
  2. He feels that this is God’s plan for him and his family.
  3. Gave up his worldly lifestyle
  4. He had the support of his wife.



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