Karen Washington

Karen Washington started growing food in her backyard. She planted a variety of goodies, but it was the tomato that got her hooked. “This is what a tomato is supposed to taste like.” I giggled as I read that because it was a tomato that hooked me too. My dad gave me a potted tomato plant and said,”Don’t let it die.” I kinda begrudgingly cared for the plant, but when I tasted the fruit… I knew I would be doing it again. I didn’t even like tomatoes. Anyway, back to Mrs. Washington. When she started that garden in her backyard she had no clue what to do so she checked out books from the library to learn. She then got  bees simply for pollination, although she does harvest honey. I can totally agree with that as well. The honey is an added bonus. My most successful garden was after we got bees.

Karen Washington is connected with a few different organizations and has been awarded various honors. If you click on the links below, or do a google search they will come up.

The two projects of hers that inspire me the most is that she co-founded Black Farmers and Urban Gardeners Conference and a community garden named Garden of Happiness.

Here is a Ted Talk on Leverage if you are interested in hearing her speak. And she can also be found on twitter.

My favorite quote I found from her, “I knew my mission was to grow food in a way so people understand this is how we are supposed to eat. We are not supposed to eat from a can or a box.”

I almost forgot. She raises chickens too.



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