“Veggie” of the Month: Red Lentils

I think I am going to switch this monthly update title to Food of the month or something.

Anyway, red lentils. I really like them in a variety of ways but right now I am feeling red lentil soup. I don’t have a recipe as i tend to make it different every time. You know, depending on what we have in the house. I just know it is always good.The base of the dish is red lentils, an onion, water, salt and various other seasonings to taste. You can get fancy with it but seriously, you don’t need much to make a good lentil soup.

Other ingredients I have added to it are:

  • ginger. yummy.
  • veggie or chicken broth (in addition to or to replace the water)
  • tomatoes
  • garlic
  • coconut milk

I think that is it.

Sorry I am not more precise. My daughter complains too as she wants me to give her precise instructions but I just can’t. This is a dish i cook based on mood and available ingredients.

And of course my top 4 reasons why I like red lentils:

  1. tastes good
  2. cooks quickly
  3. can cook in my solar oven so great to have on hand in case of disaster
  4. nutritious




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