Soul Fire Farm

This next family farm is out of Petersburgh, New York. They say ” they are a family farm committed to the dismantling of oppressive structure that misquide our food system.” From what I gather from their website, they are doing plenty in that effort. In addition, they run a CSA with a payment system that is income based.

 Soul Fire Farm has workshops to help share their knowledge of sustainable agriculture, natural building, spiritual activism, health and environmental justice. They also hold a week long long Black and Latino Farmer Immersion Program. Check them out and see if you want to apply. The deadline is March 20.

There are numerous youtube videos with folks speaking highly about the positive vibes and energy of the space. They also have a cool video to show the work they have done and plan to do with your help. Their goal is to raise $100k. Check them out, and if you like what you see support.

They also have a FB Page. I plan to look at it in more depth but it seems educational and interactive.



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