Philadelphia Urban Creators

I found out about this space while looking up a young man named Tyler Ray. His love of farming came from his Jamaican grandfather, a farmer for more than 30 years. He is a part of Urban Creators which seems to be a great group of young folks that are trying to do their part to create a sustainable community in Northern Philly.

Their main growing space is called Life Do Grow. It was a vacant lot that they, with the help of the community, have transformed into a safe haven that also produces great food. They have been going strong for 4 year now. They teach the community, youth, and local college students (they seem to get volunteers from the colleges to serve their volunteer hours there) about healthy eating and growing food. They also want to teach in local schools for free.

I am really impressed by the amount of young folks they have involved in their project and it seems like relatively young folks running it. I like to see young folks doing their thing. Check them out on their Website and FB Page.



2 thoughts on “Philadelphia Urban Creators

  1. Loved this post Erika. Seems like a great mission. Love the pic of the kids at the bottom. Reminds me of my farmer grandmother putting us to work and us living it.

    Thanks for this.


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