He Made a Funny

Free Write Friday:

Organic Foods in America

Why Growing Food is Important

     Do not blindly trust the organic label. Many organic companies don’t grow your food with love. You do not know what is going on at the grocery store, nor do you really know what is going on at the farm. Get to know your farmers. There are also the companies that gather ingredients and produce organic products. Can we really trust them? If you really care about you and your children’s health you should know where your foods are coming from.

What makes this amusing?

I interrupted him to ask how much time before he is finished. He seriously looked up at me and said I don’t want to to go plant seeds. OH REALLY! coming from the boy who on his own is writing about the importance of growing your own food. I had to point that out to him and yes, we had a good laugh and he is willing to go plant some seeds.

Oh and he said this was on his mind from a video I had them watch. I have no clue as to which one but yaayyyy!

Maybe I will add a picture later of him planting seeds if I even remember to take one.


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