I am definitely a lister. My most productive days are days I make a list. Not on my phone. Not even in my planner. It has to be on a scratch piece of paper.šŸ™„ I annoy myself sometimes. Nonetheless I find this is what works for me.

I wish writing it in my appointment book worked so I can keep better track of my progress. Goals accomplished and such but it just doesn’t work that way. 

I write the list either the night before or first thing in the morning. I generally achieve most of what is on it and then some. Then I hand shred it to compost it. Leaving absolutely no record, well minus the obvious. Like a clean bathroom, worm bin built, clothes washed, etc.

Why is this even on my mind right now?

Duh, it’s time to formulate that list. I’m going back and forth trying to decide what I can really achieve tomorrow between weather and mandatory stuff. I would love to work on a big project but it just doesn’t seem feasible for tomorrow. So what smaller things can I do? Do I feel like doing in replace of what I really want to do? 

I think I will sleep on it and subconsciously create that list while I sleep.

God bless and goodnight.



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