Groundbreaking Food Gardens

Groundbreaking Food Gardens by Niki Jabbour 

I totally skimmed this book but I enjoyed and took a few notes to add to my journal. 

This book highlights about 73 different gardens from pots to acreage. I liked how she had the pictorial views of all the gardens and what is planted where. Oh, each grower highlights their favorite plant varieties too. A great book if you are looking for or just want to see how folks designed their gardens. It would also make a great coffee table read. 

My favorite entry was actually the hotdog garden. The theme of the garden is for stuff that go well on hot dogs. It has me wanting to grow white mustard (to make mustard and/or use the spicy leaves in a salad or stir-fries), make celery salt, and make some pickles. 

Here are a few other designs that captured  my attention as I haven’t figured out the design for the front of my space.  



3 thoughts on “Groundbreaking Food Gardens

      1. Yes, all good here. Busy days, working full time which pretty much takes up much of my writing time. Life is wonderful though. Miss communicating here in blogland, but it is as it is meant to be for now. πŸ™‚


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