A Good Day

I totally DID NOT check the weather today (bad farm girl), so I didn’t get as much done as I had planned. However, I was able to spend quality solo time with my daughter, then my husband.❤️ And now I’m about to just be.

Aside from normal chores, I was able to make a Home Depot run, weed whack a clearance to the stable (It’s a jungle out there), pick up a load of compost, get the shell ready for my bathtub worm bin (still need to do the bedding), and the shell for my wooden worm bin. 

I know, why 2 worm bins? Mind ya business. Just kidding. It’s part of my experimenting process plus you can never have enough worm castings. That stuff is black gold for real. Plus was made pretty much with recycled materials. I did use plywood that I had earmarked for another project but I think it’s worth it.

Sooo does anyone want to start saving their food waste for me (instead of sending it to the landfill 😡)? I’m serious so let me know if you are. 🤓


we make it happen around these parts

putting that simple machine to use


7 thoughts on “A Good Day

      1. Easy answer is basically taking the castings, putting in a mesh bag (like tea) and creating a liquid fertilizer/foliage spray. Makes a small amount of compost stretch. And the spray is great for pest control. And (lol this is not short) basically adds nutrients to the soil.


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