The Right Tool

  Hey y’all, it’s been a year. This is part 2 of my 4 part series. 
 This past year my favorite tools have been….

  1. All things T-Post. The T-Post Driver, Remover and the actual T-post. For all your fencing needs. Also used to hold up a wall while I secured the wall in place.
  2. Gloves. Especially these fishing gloves my husband got me. I need to wear gloves more but I don’t always remember so…
  3. Bag Balm because it helps keep my hands (great tools) in shape.
  4. The Manure Forks
  5. Drills. The corded and cordless. I needed new of each. I used to prefer cordless but I absolutely prefer my corded these days.
  6. Sawzall
  7. Wheelbarrows 
  8. Compost sifter 
  9. Buckets!!!!
  11. Paintbrushes
  12. Ladder & step stool 
  13. Circular Saw
  14. SUV and my husband just recently got us a truck. I have plans for that thing.
  15. My phone when I don’t leave it in the house as it provides music/lectures/podcasts to help me pass the time while I toil. And takes pretty good pictures, which I don’t do enough.

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