Veggie of the Month: Basil

As I write this in the middle of March (March 14 to be exact) it is because I just added basil to a dish and I am all excited about our upcoming basil harvest. God willing we will have an abundance of basil because yes, I can be addicted to the stuff. It livens up a dish. It smells so good. It is just plain delicious. AND it is great for you. (I hope ya’ll noticed that is my top four reasons list right there.) I went to research the health benefits of basil to plug into this post but um no, that’s not why I eat it. I did learn a few things that justify why I eat it and I will definitely pull some out on my family as I will probably be forcing them to eat basil daily. (Boosts brain, protects your joints, fights bacteria, viruses and chronic diseases, and anti-inflammatory.)

I have probably went over board with the types of basil I have planted this year but I have been really enjoying it. So much so that I am getting robbed at the grocery store, especially for Thai Basil. Man. The money spent. Anyway, the list (you know I am a fan of the list if you follow this series).

Types of Basil Seeds Planted:

  • Holy Basil (aka Tulsi)
  • Thai Basil
  • Sweet Basil
  • Lemon Basil
  • Mammoth Basil
  • Bolloso Napoletano Basil
  • Cinnamon Basil

I’ve only uesed the top 3 before so the rest… feel free to share recipes, tips, knowledge, etc.

I’m so excited and looking forward to eating from my yard again. It’s been so long. TOO long. But hey, I am right where I am supposed to be.



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