Are You Boring?

The Habits of Highly Boring People

I don’t know how I came across this video but I really liked. It def spoke to me and the few folks I shared it with seemed to all agree… yep, I am boring.

This guy (Chris Sauve) makes a bunch of valid points. I am not all of them to a T, but they fit me well. The clip isn’t long so watch it, even while you are doing something else. It may help you create a more meaningful existence for yourself.

A very brief synopsis of what he said the

Three Habits of Boring People:

  1. They write stuff down
  2. Reduce to the Essentials
  3. Stop and Question

He goes into what he means by each of those. Once again. Just watch the clip.

I wish I wrote more stuff down but I have it on lock when he spoke of appointments and such. Hey, remember I am a lister. I don’t like to waste my brain space trying to recall certain details. I figured that out a long time again. I definitely reduce to the essentials. I try to step out of it for my family’s sake because they are not as boring as me so I attempt to compromise. And yep, I am most certainly a stop and questioner.

Cool video, just thought I would share. If you watch it let me know what you think of it.



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