Egg in the Pocket

Today was a day that clearly highlighted why my wardrobe needs to be multi-functional and reasonable priced. 

Multi-functional and reasonably priced simply means I can wear it in the yard without worrying about it getting ruined and I can wear it around town without looking bummalicious. 

So while picking up my compost today it was extra juicy and just so happened to spill on my clothing. Ok hopefully I won’t start smelling like rotting veggies before I make it home. I had a few more stops. 

Got home, finished with compost and was about to change but saw some eggs outside the nesting boxes so I proceeded to pocket them. Then I went to bend over this thing forgetting I had eggs in my pocket and cracked an egg. Gross as I could feel it running down my leg. Luckily it was only one and a small one.

Yea, that’s why we have egg baskets.


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