Homeschool Highlight: Only One Cowry

I really like picture books, even for older students. We will get to that later. Anyway, this week my son and I had the opportunity to read the book, ONLY ONE COWRY. We both totally enjoyed it. I guess it was the timing for me as my girls said that I had read it before. The story is about a king that only wants to find a wife with only one cowry. This guy steps up to the challenge. Basically he takes that one cowry and multiples it into a lot more by constantly seeing what folks need and fulfilling that need. 

Afterwards I reminded him of the parable in the Bible about the folks multiplying or hiding their talents and which leads to a more fulfilling life. 

It was a good book that helped create a memorable moment between us. I highly recommend it.

*i almost forgot. Picture books are great for teaching higher lever concepts like literary devices. They are usually short, sweet and get the point/example across efficiently. If you don’t use them already give it a try. 


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