Sometimes I’m not too efficient. I take too many steps to do a simple task

Can’t seem to focus like my usual self

Go in circles etc etc

What I’m learning is that my inefficiency is telling me what I need in my life whether I need a break, a better system, work on a project that is calling me, I’m simply too excited at that moment, I’m not completely sold on an idea (even my own), help…. 

So before I berate myself I try to figure out what’s really going on. Although I am not always able (or choose) to do what it seems I am needing it is most helpful to at least have a better idea of what is going on. Honestly, I am just happy that thoughts like these are coming to my mind as I realize I’m not being as efficient as I would like to be. I’m Learning to be easier on myself and enjoy this thing called life through all the phases. And it’s nice! 😍


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