Veggie of the Month: Black Beans

I’m not really feeling black beans like the previous posts although I did make a black bean burger that was delicious. Don’t get me wrong, black beans are good but they are not my favorite. Nonetheless, here is the Recipe. I made the stuff from scratch but I think this recipe will still be good if you don’t. The whole house enjoyed.

Back to the beans. My family likes them so I cook them. I also refuse to buy them in a can. One thing that helps, you may want to try, is making a lot then freezing them so you can avoid buying the canned ones for those days you need a quick meal. It’s also healthier and cheaper. 

That’s it this month. Try the burger recipe above and freeze some beans. 

the golden egg

That picture of the egg. So I was following the recipe and noticed her mixture shot. I smiled, chuckled and thought,”my egg looks different.” So I snapped A shot. 


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