Veggie of the Month: Onions

Never mind that I’m trying to cram this in before June 2016 is officially over.

I guess this month would have to be onions. Onions are good and good for you. This month and next we will be eating all homegrown onions so that is a plus. I’m actually enjoying the different sizes that we harvested. If i simply want to add an onion to guac I grab a small one. Soup a big. We are not having left-over onion to be used later these days. I like that.What can I say about our first onion harvest?

i think this was one that was impacted by heavy winds.
  1. Grateful for what we were able to grow
  2. God willing next year will be better. The bed I planted in wasn’t complete (literally) but it worked in the 3rd of the bed that was. We planted red, yellow and white varieties. I have the precise names written in my journal, but I do not know them off the top of my head. They were short day. I am undecided if I will use again next season. Oh and a windbreak would have been great.

All-in-all I am counting this as a success.

They don’t take up much space, so if you have access to a container… grow some or even one just for the experience. The first time i ever grew an onion I don’t recall how many I planted but it wasn’t much at all. one is better than none.

*I am not discounting my previous growing experiences but when I say first harvest I mean at this site. This blog is to help me somewhat keep track of what we are doing here.



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