It’s An Investment

This blog is as much for you as it is for me because sometimes I have to remind myself, especially since I garden on a budget.

Anyway, I have tomato seeds (and peppers). I was late starting them from seed. I can plant tomatoes right now. But I didn’t start my seeds 😩. 

This is where the debate comes in for me. Why? There really shouldn’t be one because the solution is obvious, yet I have it. 

We will be eating tomatoes. That is a given. So do I suck it up and buy a transplant or two or just buy from the grocery store. Did I mention I have seeds? Ok Erika, ignore that you missed the best option.

To wrap this up let me show you the math so you can see that this is a no brainer.

I did just stop at Whole Foods but I think the scenario applies to most stores. That’s how much this doesn’t make sense. 

Y’all see those signs? Locally grown or responsibly grown $2.49 or $2.99/lb. 

So if I purchased this 4 conventionally raised tomatoes….

That puts me at about $3.12. 

I’m not sure how many or how much y’all eat tomatoes but that can add up around here. 

The other option is to suck it up that I didn’t start my own tomato plants and go buy some starts.

This plant cost me $1.49 and it (God willing) will produce way more that 4 tomatoes. That doesn’t factor in time to care for and the water it will need so let’s just say if this plant can produce 12 tomatoes it is a better investment. (This is where that ticker tape with all the side effects like the medication commercials come in. May cause joy, excitement, better health, picked fresh, pesticide and chemical-free if that’s how you roll, can choose variety you want to plant, blah blah blah). You get the picture.

Grow you some, even if you have to buy transplants. The same theory applies to MANY other veggies, which are actually even easier to grow from seed than tomatoes.

*This plant was on sale. Regularly priced $1.99 but max I’ve seen for a start is $4. I have a few varieties growing in my yard but this one is the one I have the most of right now because it is said to be good at making sauces and pastes. Which is a whole nother blog post. This post just compared tomatoes for uses primarily for slicing but just think of the amount of tomatoes you would need or the cost you would incur if you were making a your own tomato based products especially if trying to avoid those bpa laced cans. 

This is long. GROW SOME. Tomatoes can grow in containers. My first ever were grown that way.


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