Do I Want…

When it comes to growing food you must plan ahead…. Period. If you Think you want to eat a particular thing it is probably best to grow it because once that season is upon you it is too late.

Some examples for you:

You think you want a seeded watermelon. That takes 90 days. Tomatoes… at least 45 (for the smaller varieties). Peppers… at least 60. Zucchini (50 days)

Even the fast growing stuff like lettuce (28 days), spinach (35 days), and bush beans (49 days).

So if growing food teaches you nothing else it teaches you patience and planning ahead.

Respect the process. It takes time. Thank the persons that have enough foresight  to bring you the foods you like to eat.

It’s almost time to start planting those fall gardens. No excuses. Grow something. One thing. In a pot. In the ground. In the house. Make it happen. If you are local to me I can hook you up with a basil start.


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