That Plastic

It’s been on my mind to go on a plastic fast because I’ve (my house) been using it too much. Not credit cards, even though I’m off those. Plastic. You know, water bottles, sandwich bags, produce bags, etc.

As I continue to think on it and plot a way to wean us back off (or use a lot less) I thought I would do a blog post to hopefully inspire others to drastically reduce their reliance on the stuff. It is really bad for the environment so the more of us that don’t use it and demand alternatives maybe, just maybe we can make a bigger impact on the world.

So I guess the first step would be for you to pay attention to how much plastic you consume in your life and begin to think of ways to not utilize so much. Step two would be to stop using for the easy stuff. 

–we will stop there for now–

A few thoughts to help inspire you:

  1. Think about how long it takes for plastic to breakdown… Now think why would anyone make a one time use product with it? Ex. Produce bags. Disposable utensils. WHY? You typically use both those items for maybe 15min yet they will outlive you and your grandchildren. We can do better.
  2. Food packaging in general. And usually stuff that’s packaged isn’t even good for you. Of course not on the produce but we can think of better ways.
  3. Those cheap plastic bags used to carry your groceries or Walmart purchases. 😱😂 

Y’all get the picture. I hope. There are so many ways we each can cutback on our plastic consumption. I encourage you to start today. Be more mindful because it really is about the mindset.


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