You Don’t Have School?

It’s that season again. This morning my son and I were in the front planting a few seeds when someone walked up to the fence,concerned,”you don’t have school?” 

It was kinda funny because it caught us both off guard. We both kinda just looked up like who is this disturbing the peace. Then we looked at each other. Then it dawned on me to utter a response, “oh, he is homeschooled.” The lady then attempted to flatter me claiming she did not realize I was his mom. I don’t look that young. Anyway, she and I talked a bit before she went on about her day. 

The take away:

1. We are blessed not just with the opportunity to homeschool but the mindset to do it.

2. Always great to hear my son appreciate that he is homeschooled. He mentioned it after she left. 

3. It is sad that we turn over so much of educating our children to others. For instance, the woman had two children and I asked if she knew how to teach them to read. Her response was that where they are sent is teaching them. Great! Are they teaching you a few techniques so that you can do your part at home? She said No but she trusts that they will teach them.

Disappointing. But just a reflection of where we are as a society. And before you go acting like you are better than her just think how YOU KNOW HOW SKEWED AMERICAN HISTORY IS yet you still feed that crap to your children and let the institutions you send them to do so as well. Or worse, you perpetuate it at home. I know it’s easier, convienent, or just the way it is. 

Anyway, happy back to school season. We  start are more structured stuff  on the 29th 🙂


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