Bare Necessities

I was speaking with a friend. We had a really great conversation. 

 Top 5 points to ponder:

  • “Convenience,” where has this concept gotten the masses?
  • Preparing our minds to live in a just world though we are steeped in injustice. We focused primarily on the cost of things. 
  • You are not mad that you are oppressed. You are mad because you are not the oppressor. For Real!
  • If SHTF tomorrow, how would you survive? Who do you have to turn to? Can you or those folks supply your basic needs? If so, how do you currently support them now in hopes that they will in turn support you should the need arise? 
  • How are you putting all your knowledge and wisdom to use? On whatever scale.

Just some food for thought.

Musical Turrets: “Look for the bare necessities. The simple bare necessities.”


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